Could you help us Fund-raise?

Have you got an idea that could fund raise for one of our current projects? A sponsered silence at your school, run a marathon for us or have a fair trade sale? Please tell you friends and family about our website


Paul from The Fair Trade Store organised      Naiomi sings at Southport Fundraising event, 31/07/12

a pre walk fundraising event in Southport

July 2012


Could you sponsner a child or young person's education?

To sponser a child through their education? It costs as little as £150 a year and empowers young people to acheive their goals.  Could you or your class raise this money and create a direct and lasting difference in the lives of young people in Kenya? Perhaps you and a friend could share the cost? You can write to the person you sponser and learn more about their life and how you are helping them.