In partnership with Shared Earth and many other volunteers and sponsors, The Zuri Foundation has been fundraising and planning for over 2 years to bring a group of dancers to the UK in August 2013 from Mathare slum, Kenya!! The group have now spent 2 weeks in the UK in Liverpool and York, preforming at various venues, meeting and inspiring many people with their talent, resilience and personalities! We hope this trip will ensure the future of the organisation in Kenya which uses dance to engage young people and help them through various programs break the cycle of poverty they were born into. 

Kathleen Scanlan and Jeremy Piercy walked 230 miles across Britain to fundraise in July 2012, see our facebook page for lots of images! 

We are fundraising for KSEEEP (Kenya Social Economic Enterprise Empowerment Program; a youth project that engages young people through dance, football, education and a number of other programs).  The group aims to help young people who have been involved in crime or at risk from becoming involved in crime or prostitution, which many young people are forced into to survive daily life in one of Kenya's large slums. 

KSEEEP has a dance troupe which preforms professionally in and around Nairobi, not only training young dansers but also helping them earn money, which a number use to attend school. The dancers are so enthusastic and motivated. Insprired by a preformance Zuri Foundation and Shared Earth watched last year, Jeremy Piercy came up with the idea of walking the length of Britain to raise money to bring the dancers to the UK!
We aim to bring the dance troupe to the UK to preform at a number of events. We also aim to support the many amazing initiatives KSEEEP run for young people in the slum which include raising school funds, employment skills training, football training and of course dance training!

Our walkers have completed a 3 week walk from coast to coast, Southport to Hornsea,which started 21st July 2012! We had amazing support along the way. Thank you so much to everyone involved!