The Zuri Foundation works directly with a number of amazing charities and grassroot community initiatives in Kenya and Uganda which work hard to empower marginalised communities.  The communities we work with are based in slums or are rural. The cycle of poverty into which people are born into or forced into by environmental or social circumstances and changes is harsh and relentless. Access to necessities (water, food and shelter) can be a daily battle. It is estimated that one billion people worldwide live in slums, with this figure set to double by 2030. 

Through access to education, employment training and business development communities are changing.

In 2013 we brought 10 young people to the UK from Mathare slum, Nairobi. Exposure to their community project (which used dance to engage youth in the slum), has led to life changing opportunities for a number of those who partook.  In 2019 we facilitated sending 4500 books to a rural library in Uganda from a school in Liverpool. We have supported a youth employment workshop in Kibera slum, Africa's largest slum, for over 5 years and it is now self sufficient and profitable, having trained former street boys, one of whom is now the sole owner. 

COVID19 RESPONSE We are actively fundraising to help communities in East Africa affected by COVID19 lock downs by providing food aid, access to hand sanitation and masks as well as access to medical assistance or medication. We urgently need your support.


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